Novelist K-8 Plus

Find your next great read!

Novelist K-8 Plus is a database where you can find books for kids from kindergarten to eighth grade! There are so many ways to search for fiction, mystery, fantasy, science fiction, nonfiction, and biography books. Take a look at the examples and instructions below to get started.

Have you just finished the last book in a series and don’t know what to read next?

You can use Novelist K-8 Plus to help you find a similar series. Just follow these 3 easy steps!

  1. Enter the name of the series into the search box and click search.
  2. Select the Series tab.
  3. Select the correct Series from the Results.

You will see the read-alikes on the right.

Are you looking for a book to fit your mood?

Use Novelist K-8 Plus to find the perfect book for your current mood!

  1. Hover over Browse by and click on Appeal.
  2. Select the correct age group tab.
  3. Select up to 3 Categories and descriptions and click on Find Titles.

You will see the results on the right.


Novelist is also available in our catalog, so you can find the next book in a series or get recommendations all in one place! You will find it in the Readalikes tab.