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Display and Distribution of Materials

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The purpose of this policy is to establish standards concerning the use of the areas officially designated for the display and distribution of materials at the Newport Beach Public Central Library and, to the extent established, any similar shelves in any Library branch.

The Newport Beach Public Library makes available shelves for the display and distribution of materials for Library customers to obtain information provided by various governmental agencies.  Central Library and the three branch locations each have a designated area for the display and distribution of materials in the Library.

The following are the guidelines established by the Library Trustees for the use of these shelves:

A. The materials to be given away must be in brochure, pamphlet, flyer, and/or business card formats, and must not exceed 8.5" x 14" in size.

B. No materials provided by any non-governmental agency will be permitted on the designated shelves.  Acceptable materials for dissemination on the shelves include Library information and announcements including Friends of the Library and Newport Beach Public Library Foundation material; and materials from other governmental agencies – e.g. City, County, State, and Federal information; and information and instructional materials from schools in the Newport Beach area (schools are defined by the California Department of Education at

C. All items placed on the designated shelves should be approved by the Adult Services Coordinator or their designee at Central Library and the Branch Librarians or their designee at the branch locations.  The Library Services Manager should be consulted if there is doubt about the suitability of a particular item.  Library staff is responsible for placing the materials on the designated shelves and removing out-dated material. The provider may furnish any display holder it desires for its materials so long as the display holder is of an appropriate size, shape, and material and that there is sufficient display space for materials received.

D. The Library is not responsible for the damage, theft, or loss of any materials or display holders.

E. Other than materials provided by the City of Newport Beach or the Library, no materials intended to be given to or seen by the public may be placed by any person or entity in any lobby area, other shelves, desks or tables, or anywhere else in any of the Libraries.

F. Library staff has the right to remove and dispose of any materials that fail to meet these standards in any way.  The Library is not responsible for returning undistributed materials.

Adopted – February 17, 2015
Amended - February 17, 2015
Reaffirmed - February 19, 2019

This Policy will be periodically reviewed by the Board of Library Trustees on the first to occur of (i) as circumstances may require or (ii) every two years from the date of adoption, last amendment, or last review. Adopted, last amended, or last reviewed on February 19, 2019.