Adult Learners

Becoming an Adult Learner

Project Adult Literacy offers free one-on-one tutoring and small group classes for those who qualify.

To be eligible for our program, every applicant must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Possess basic English conversational skills
  • Demonstrate a program-related goal or need
  • Commit to the program for at least one year

In addition, you must meet at least two of the three requirements below:

  • Live or work in the Newport Beach area
  • Be an Orange County resident for at least two years*
  • Have completed or partially completed your K-12 education in the U.S.*

*Documentation verification is required

To see if you qualify for services, please schedule an in-person, prospective learner meeting with our office. Contact the Literacy Office at (949) 717-3874 or email us at to schedule an appointment. 

Eligible applicants may be recommended for tutoring, classes, or both. If accepted, the next step in the process is to attend our New Learner Orientation. RSVP is available by invitation only. 

Once you have attended the orientation, you will be asked to take a skills assessment. The assessment will help us determine how to best support your learning goals and needs.

After you complete your assessment, learners can begin taking classes immediately. Learners who qualify for tutoring services will have to wait while we find the right tutor match. Wait times are subject to tutor availability and matching skill sets.

We look forward to helping you begin your learning journey! 

Project Adult Literacy


We offer many support programs to help our learners improve their skills.  Classes and activities are open to all learners who have officially entered the Literacy Program.  Please call for times and dates of each program (949) 717-3874.

Below are classes we currently offer. Please be advised that class offerings are subject to change.

American Sitcoms - An intriguing class that focuses on popular TV sitcoms and discusses everyday situations and events. Each learner will observe, study and interpret everyday verbal and facial expressions. 

Life Skills Class- Learn vocabulary and build confidence to navigate real life scenarios, such as interacting with medical professionals, law enforcement, businesses, potential employers, and more. 

Idioms in Everyday Life - The English language has many expressions that have other meanings called idioms. People use idioms to express something more vividly and they serve as an image or mental picture. This class will review idioms with the origin of words and phrases used in everyday conversational English.

Conversation Circles - Discuss topics of interest that are important to the group each week. Share ideas, develop vocabulary, improve leadership skills and have fun. 

Beginner's Book Club - Join a group of learners, weekly, to read and discuss a short novel. Discover the excitement of completing and understanding an entire book in the course of a few weeks!