Internet Use Policy


The Newport Beach Public Library (“Library”) information resources include access to the World Wide Web (“internet”). Access to the internet supports the Library's mission to serve as the cultural, educational, and informational heart of Newport Beach. The internet enables the Library to supplement its collection by providing information of a serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value to patrons beyond the Library’s physical collection.

Use of the Library’s internet requires a Library card number. Those ineligible for a free Library card, for example, out-of-state visitors, may be issued a free "computer use only" (no borrowing privileges) card by presenting valid identification. Guest passes are also available on a temporary basis. Guest passes will not be issued to patrons under the age of 18 and require identification.

The internet and its available resources contain a wide variety of material and opinions from varied points of view. The Library does not monitor and has no control over the information on the internet. Not all sources on the internet provide accurate, complete, or current information. Library patrons may need to question the validity of the information they find. In offering internet access, the Library cannot control access points which often change rapidly and unpredictably. Library patrons access the internet as they deem appropriate, and the Library is not responsible for any access points they reach. Library patrons access the internet and Library computers, laptops, or other electronic devices on an “as-is” basis and at their own risk. The Library is not responsible for any harm or offense that may arise out of such use, including but not limited to, fraud, loss of private or personal information, viruses and malware, or other harmful misconduct.

Internet filtering software is utilized by the Library and is designed to block content harmful to minors. The Library cannot guarantee, and therefore does not assume responsibility for, the reliability or accuracy of the filtering software. Any adult Library patron who is unable to access a lawful website that is not harmful to minors may request Library staff to unblock access to that website. Library staff shall respond to requests regarding the filtering software promptly.

Use of the Library’s internet, computers, laptops, or other electronic devices may be suspended or revoked pursuant to the procedures set forth in the NBPL Use Policy (NBPL 1), available on the Library’s website, if the user engages in any activity that violates any applicable law, rule, regulation, or policy. Materials obtained or copied on the Library’s computers or over the Library’s internet may be subject to copyright laws. Library patrons assume all risk associated with his or her use of the Library’s internet, computers, laptops, or other electronic devices. The Library is not responsible for any misuse of the Library’s internet or the Library’s computers, laptops, or other electronic devices.

The Internet and Children

As with other Library materials, parents and guardians of children, not the Library, are responsible for their children’s use of the internet. While it is the responsibility of parents and guardians to establish rules for their children’s use of the internet, the Library has taken steps to assist parents and guardians in this task. The Library has installed internet filtering software on all public computers that is designed to prevent content harmful to minors from being accessed. This service has proven to be reliable in blocking such material from appearing on these devices.

However, due to the fact that some content providers deliberately attempt to thwart blocking programs, some children seek to overcome blocking programs, and because the filtering software may not recognize all content that should be blocked, the Library does not guarantee that content harmful to minors will not be accessed by children. Appropriate use of the Library’s internet must be the responsibility of parents and guardians. Parents are encouraged to read and view the resources for parents and guardians at


Approved by the Board of Library Trustees - November 11, 1996

Adopted - February 24, 1997

Amended & Reassigned – April 8, 2003

Amended & Reassigned – August 17, 2004

Amended & Reassigned – May 7, 2012

Revised and Amended - January 22, 2019

Revised and Amended – January 19, 2021

Revised and Amended – January 17, 2023

Formerly I-22

This Policy will be periodically reviewed by the Board of Library Trustees on the first to occur of (i) as circumstances may require or (ii) every two years from the date of adoption, last amendment, or last review. Adopted, last amended, or last reviewed on January 17, 2023.