Homebound, brining the library to you


The Newport Beach Public Library offers a free Homebound Delivery Service option to provide library materials for Newport Beach residents who are unable to physically come into one of our four branches due to temporary or long-term mobility, health, or disability barriers.

How does Homebound Service work?

Upon completion of the application forms and acceptance into the program, you will be matched with a trained volunteer who will serve as a liaison between you and the library staff and who will provide a monthly delivery service. Library staff will make every effort to select the kinds of materials you enjoy based on reading preference forms and from the feedback we receive from you or your volunteer. We also include a rating sheet with each delivery of materials, and if you are able to complete it and return it with each delivery, we will use that information to help select the books for your next delivery. After materials are selected, the volunteer will contact you to arrange a pickup and delivery time. The Homebound Coordinator is always available to you by email or phone.

Once enrolled in the program, you will not be able to use your library card to check out any additional physical materials because this will be handled through the delivery service, but you will still have access to online resources with your library card number. One more thing to note is that because we have an extended checkout period and deliveries are limited to once per month, we cannot include any books that have a high holds list. Should you be interested in checking out current bestsellers, we can always place a hold on the book and when the holds die down we can check it out to you at that time.

Patron Eligibility: To qualify for this free service, the homebound patron must live in Newport Beach. Once residency is determined, the patron will be issued a library card. If the patron already has a card, it will be renewed and updated to reflect establishment in the Homebound program.

Delivery Schedule

Deliveries will be made on a monthly cycle during the work week between the hours of 10am to 2pm. These deliveries will be made to the front door. Our volunteers should not be asked into the homes. The volunteer will drop off the new library items and will pick up the old library items that are due back at the library. If items need an extension of time, please call the Homebound Coordinator at (949) 717-3817.

Fines and Fees

There will be no late fees or fines on materials checked out through this program.

Materials Available

Any circulating item may be borrowed by our homebound patrons. These items include books, books in large print, audiobooks, music CD’s, children’s materials and movies. Item lending limits are at ten items per month. You may request specific titles by directly calling the Homebound Coordinator at (949) 717-3817.


If you would like to receive Homebound Delivery Service please call (949) 717-3817 or use our contact us form and mention your interest in the homebound program.



Newport Beach Public Library Homebound Program Forms

Homebound Application

Homebound Reading Preferences Form

Homebound Patron Release Form