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  • Public Domain eBooks are titles that are no longer copyrighted in the US.
  • Titles are yours to download
  • No library card required.



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OverDrive eBooks & eAudiobooks

Looking for popular fiction and non-fiction titles in English, Chinese, or Spanish? Download them onto your portable device, including Kindle, iPhone/iPad and Android. OverDrive also has selection of downloadable movies.   

OverDrive is generously funded by the Newport Beach Public Library Foundation.

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Download OverDrive's Libby app from the Apple App Store or Google Play for use with your phone or tablet, or access it through your browser at - join the Southern California Digital Library

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Click here to access OverDrive

For legacy users of OverDrive, please visit OverDrive's help page for more information (your checkouts transfer to Libby)

Comics Plus from Library Pass

Comics Plus offers over 20,000 graphic novels, comics, and manga for all ages. Titles are always available and you may check out as many as you like. 

 Comics Plus

Over 20,000 graphic novels, comics, and manga, available anytime with no checkout limits. Read in your browser or download the app to your mobile device and login with your library card and password.

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