Send your job and print at the Library. 

Patrons may print from their phone or tablet before they come to the library. Patrons may also use library computers by logging in with their barcode number and password.

Patrons pay and complete printing at our printing station. 

Printing:  $0.15/page black & white and $0.45/page color

Mobile Printing

Easy Access, Anywhere

Submit print jobs from home, or away from home – through email, laptops, and mobile devices

Patrons can download the ePrintit app on Google Play or the ePrintit app through the Apple App Store.

 ePrintit Public Print Locations app

Google Play button

App store button


To send from an email address, send and email to one of the following email addresses: - for black and white printing - for color printing

After sending the email, you will receive and email confirmation along with your login. When you release the print job at the library, you can print the email you sent, the attachment(s), or everything.



Payment and Additional Service

  • Patrons pay with credit card (any amount, no minimum, $50 maximum) or cash
  • Patrons can enter cell phone number at queue station to receive a text when their computer is available
  • Free scanning to email or USB drive
  • Photocopying in B/W or Color ($0.15/0.45)
  • Faxing at the Reference Desk ($1/pg)