Reference Desk at Central Library

Using the Library

As one of the top-ranked libraries in California and one of America’s Star Libraries, the Newport Beach Public Library plays an important role as the cultural, educational and informational heart of the City of Newport Beach. The Central Library and the three branch libraries, Mariners, Balboa, and Corona del Mar, are active centers for information discovery, recreational entertainment, and the celebration of knowledge.  

The Board of Library Trustees is committed to meeting the needs of the diverse audiences within the community through the Central Library and the Branches. NBPL library cards are available free to any California resident showing proper identification.  Out-of-state residents can obtain a NBPL library card for $10.

Borrowing Materials

A Newport Beach Public Library Card is necessary to check out materials, use eBranch resources or use the library computers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain a library card?

  • Complete the registration form at any of our four library locations
  • Provide photo ID with current address
  • Have a parent co-sign if you are under 18
  • For temporary access to many of our online library resources apply for a web-registered library card online
  • Web-registered library cards expire after 30 days 

What is my password and how do I change my password?

  • If it is your first login, or if you never updated your password, the default password is 9999.
  • You may change your password via the My Account link after logging-in from the Personal Information tab by choosing "Change Password."
  • You may change your password with the Forgot Password link at login if your password is not the default password, 9999.

How much does a library card cost?

  • Library cards are free for California residents
  • $10.00 annual fee for out-of-state library customers

What happens if I lose my card?

  • Report a lost card immediately!
  • Ask Customer Service for a replacement card.
  • Provide photo ID to receive a free replacement card

How many items can I have checked out at one time?

The maximum number of items which may be checked out to one cardholder is 50 total, any combination of the following:

  • Books - 50
  • Magazines - 50
  • Audio Materials (combination of Audiobooks, CDs and Children's Kits) – 10
  • Rental DVDs/Blu-rays – 10
  • DVDs/Blu-rays – 10
  • Video Games – 10

How much are late fees?

Fines for Overdue Materials:

  • General Materials - $0.25/day to Maximum
  • DVDs/Blu-rays (non-rental) - $0.25/day to Maximum
  • Rental DVDs/Blu-rays - $1.00/day to Maximum
  • Paperbacks, Periodicals - $0.25/day to Maximum
  • New books - $0.25/day to Maximum
  • CDs - $0.25/day to Maximum
  • Lucky Day Books - $0.25/day to Maximum
  • Video games and eReader - $1.00/day to Maximum
  • Laptop  - $5.00/hour
  • Tech Toys - $5.00/day to Maximum

Maximum Fines:

  • General Materials, Audio Books, Lucky Day Books and ILL Materials - $10.00
  • Paperbacks, Periodicals - $5.00
  • DVDs/Blu-rays - $10.00
  • CDs - $10.00
  • Video games - $20.00
  • Laptops - $1,200.00
  • Tech Toys - $100.00

Replacement Cost of Materials - Actual Replacement Cost of Item

When replacement cost cannot be determined, the following averages apply:

  • General Materials - $20.00
  • Periodicals & Paperbacks - $ 5.00
  • DVDs/Blu-rays - $25.00
  • CDs - $20.00
  • Video games - $50.00
  • Laptops and/or peripherals- $1,200.00
  • Interlibrary Loan (ILL) - Cost as determined by the lending library
  • Tech Toys - $400.00

When materials are replaced, fines paid are applied to replacement and processing charge.  The following Processing Charges apply in addition to Replacement Costs:

  • General Materials, DVDs , Bu-rays, Video Games and eReaders - $10.00
  • Paperbacks (mass market)/Periodicals - $3.00
  • Tech Toys - $20.00

Other Fees:

  • Replacement of Compact Disc Cases - $1.00
  • Replacement of DVD/Blu-ray/BOCD Case - $4.00
  • Fee for Damage to Barcode or RFID tag on Library Materials - $1.00
  • Interlibrary Loan Fee (per item): $5.00

How do I pay my fines?

Customers with overdue fines or Library fees may pay their balance in-person at the library or online.

Online Payment:

  • Fines display immediately after login
  • Customers can click on their fines to view details
  • Select Pay Online and enter payment information

How do I renew a book or other item?

You can renew your items by accessing your account in the library catalog. To renew by telephone, please call 949-717-3837.

Four renewals (equal to the initial checkout period) are allowed on all materials, with the following exceptions:

  • Rental DVDs and Blu-rays cannot be renewed.
  • Lucky Day books cannot be renewed.
  • Tech Toys cannot be renewed.
  • Items which are on hold cannot be renewed.
  • Circulating Periodicals may be renewed for two additional checkout period

How do I reserve a book or other item?

You can place a hold:

  • In person at the library or from home through the online catalog or with the assistance of a librarian.
  • By telephone. Call Telephone Reference at 949-717-3800, extension 2.
  • On the Web site by going to the Library Catalog.

The maximum number of holds is 50.

Placing a hold:

After doing a search, you may want to see if a particular item is available for checkout. The item record in the library catalog will tell you if the item is "checked in" at a particular branch. If the item is checked in and you want to pick it up the same day, call Telephone Reference at 949-717-3800 extension 2 to request the item.

If the item is not available, you can make a hold request online. The library will then hold the item for you when it becomes available. To request a specific volume of a multi-volume work, call Telephone Reference at 949-717-3800, extension 2.

To request a hold on a library item through the online catalog:

  • Search for a library item.
  • Click the Place Hold button next to the item that you want.
  • Log in to your user account. Type in your 14 digit NBPL card barcode and your PIN (default PIN Is 9999).
  • Choose a pickup location from the drop-down list.
  • Click Place Hold.
    • The catalog displays a message saying that your request has been placed successfully.

How do I suggest a book for the library to purchase?

Suggest a title (published within the last 12 months) you would like the library to purchase.

Recommendations from the public are welcome. However, requesting a new title does not guarantee that it will be added to the collection. The library acquires materials of both permanent and current interest in all subjects, based upon the merits of a work in relation to the needs and interests of the community.

Does the library offer home delivery of library materials?

NBPL's free homebound delivery service is available to Newport Beach residents who are unable to come to the library due to long-term illness or disability.

How it works:

  • Once accepted for the service, Homebound Delivery Service customers receive a preferences form to fill out, to help librarians select materials that will meet their needs.
  • A trained volunteer will talk about reading and entertainment preferences with the customer and will serve as a liaison with library staff.
  • Librarians will make every effort to select the kinds of materials the homebound customer will enjoy.
  • After materials are selected, the volunteer will deliver them to the customer and pick up items that were delivered on a previous visit.

If you'd like to receive Homebound Delivery Service, please call 949-717-3817