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Seed Library

The Seed Library at the Mariners Branch of the Newport Beach Public Library is aimed at providing seeds to the community that are well adapted and safe for Southern California coastal regions. This includes accounting for climate as well as environmental impact.

Funding for the Seed Library was generously provided by the Newport Beach Public Library Foundation.

Checkout Procedures

1. Choose up to 5 seed packets every month
2. Take seed packets to the desk for checkout using your library card
3. Plant your seeds!


Questions & Answers:

Do I need to return the seeds?

No, the packet of seeds is yours to keep.

Is there information about how to grow the seeds?

Yes, each packet has growing information related to the individual seeds they contain. Additional information can be found in the binder located at the Seed Library, and in gardening books available with your library card.

Where did you get the seeds?

Each seed packet is labeled with information about the origin of the seeds contained in them.

May I return seeds from plants that I’ve grown?

Yes! We are working to incorporate community donated seeds into the collection. Please fill out a donated seed form (available at the Seed Library) and leave your seeds with a library staff member at the desk.

Where is the Seed Library housed?

Right next to the reference desk at the Mariners Branch:

Donna and John Crean Mariners Branch
1300 Irvine Ave.
Newport Beach, CA 92660

Which seeds are currently available for checkout at the Seed Library?

Visit the catalog and see what's on offer here!