Adult Learners

Becoming an Adult Learner

Project Adult Literacy offers one-on-one tutoring and small group classes free of charge.roject

To be eligible for a tutor you must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Live or work in the Newport Beach area
  • Be able to speak English (See our ESL Referrals if not)
  • Commit at least one year to working with your tutor for at least one hour per week

To become part of the literacy program, contact the Literacy Office at (949) 717-3874; email us at or stop by for an application.

Every potential adult learner must attend a new learner orientation. Space is limited so a reservation is a must!!!

Once you have attended the orientation, you will be asked to take a skills evaluation. The evaluation will help us determine the best tutor to match you with.

Please understand that our tutors are all volunteers and that there are many adults waiting to be assigned a tutor. Please be patient and we will match you with a tutor as soon as we can.



We offer many support programs to help our learners improve their skills.  Classes and activities are opened to all learners who have officially entered the Literacy Program.  Please call for times and dates of each program (949) 717-3874.

Below are classes we currently offer. Please be advised that class offerings are subject to change.

Morning Book Club - A discussion group for adult learners about classic and contemporary American writings. The goal is to deepen and enrich the adult learner's understanding of American culture, and to promote critical discussion.

Exploring American Culture & Customs - This class explores idioms and expressions that apply to a life skill such as talking to your doctor, ordering in a restaurant, working with coworkers, buying food at the grocery store and more.

Speaking With Others - This class to help improve your conversation and communication skills. 

Evening Book Club - A discussion group that read classic and contemporary novels with the objective to develop reading skills and encourage lively discussion.

Conversation Circles - Discuss topics of interest that are important to the group each week. Share ideas, develop vocabulary, improve leadership skills and have fun.

Writing Your Story - Write the stories of your life! Let your children and grandchildren know who you are. Each week you will write an essay about an incident in your life. We will share and comment together.

Grammar & Vocabulary - Learners gather to strengthen their grammar and vocabulary skills through reading and writing exercises.

Discussion: Idioms in Everyday Life - The goal is to help participants understand and communicate comfortably in every-day idiomatic English. The discussions cover topics such as current events, history, language differences and problems.

American Sitcoms- An intriguing class that focuses on popular TV sitcoms and discusses everyday situations and events. Each learner will observe, study and interpret everyday verbal and facial expressions.