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All This Time by Rachael Lippincott and Mikki Daughtry

Review by Anna

Post Date:05/24/2023

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Kyle and Kimberely were the perfect high school couple. They had loved each other from the very beginning, always supporting one another until the night of the high school graduation party. When Kyle found out that Kimberely was deciding to go to Berkeley, the plan they had made with Sam to go to UCLA as the trio fell apart, everything came crashing down. Confused about what was happening, Kyle frustrately arrives at his car followed by Kimberely, and when she mentions the topic of breaking up the unpredictable happens: a car crash followed by death. 


Kyle had been in a coma and when he had awoken, news arrived to him that Kimberely died in the car crash incident. Kyle’s whole world crumbles apart and he falls into a state of depression and emptiness. Yet it wasn’t only Kyle’s world that had crashed, but his friend Sam’s as well. In response to their relationship, Sam had always hidden his feelings for Kimberely. He was devastated at the loss of her as well. The two friends had fallen and gradually lost contact with one another throughout the summer before leaving for college. But then, Kyle met Marley during his visit to Kimberely at the graveyard. Marley was an emotional wreck as well, having believed the cause of her twin’s sister’s death was her fault.


Two broken people had found each other and were gradually forming a friendship. This friendship would then blossom into a relationship. Kyle and Marley understood each other and were helping one another through the recovery of their lost one. Kyle’s relationship with Sam was also improving. They started messaging each other more often. Everything looked as if it was going to be alright.


  But it was not. Spoiler alert: Kyle had imagined all of this during his coma. His experiences with Marley, the death of Kimberely, and his reconciliation with Sam had all been fake. Shocked by the fact of his coma, Kyle then goes on a journey to establish and identify who he truly is and who he wants to become.


All This Time by Rachael Lippincott and Mikki Daughtry is an amazing novel that establishes the foundation of figuring out an individual’s life. I really enjoyed how the readers were absorbed in the journey of the main protagonists, Kyle and Marley. I was able to see how heart broken they were at the start of devastation and how they progressed towards acceptance and happiness through finding each other. This novel has an intriguing plot line and allows the audience to become emotionally invested.


I felt as though the plot twist within the novel was not necessary. Without the twist, the story could have focused more on the recovery of Kyle and Marley as well as the overarching topic of coping when death occurs. The plot twist takes away from these aspects, and the story could have been more complete and whole without it. 

Overall, I really enjoyed All This Time. I think it is a fantastic novel and really involves understanding each character on a deeper level. Both authors do a wonderful job of painting the reality of hardships and connecting it to present day lives. It’s definitely worth the read!

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