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Say you'll Remember me by Katie McGarry

Review by Abigail

Post Date:05/24/2023

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In Katie McGarry’s book, “Say You’ll Remember Me”, you’ll find a heartfelt romance story with Drix and Elle. Except for one miniscule detail -- Drix was in prison and Elle’s the governor’s daughter. Drix’s crime was far more than being put behind bars, it was betrayal. Betrayal because of the fact that his best friend was with him and didn’t get pulled into the cars surrounded by flashing red and blue lights. He doesn’t know for sure, but one thing he knows for certain is that he didn’t commit the crime everyone says he did. So when the governor creates a program to get delinquents away from their life of crime, he takes the chance. On the announcement day regarding Drix and his new journey, he finds himself competing with a strange girl and the carnival it’s hosted at. He takes an interest in her, but doesn’t think too much of it since he has other things to worry about. He later finds out that the same girl was the governor’s daughter -- Elle. After meeting each other for the first time due to a meeting at the governor’s house, they both know something special about one another. But the feelings were quickly shut down after realization of their relationship. Disregarding their relationship, they become close very quickly. While their relationship is evolving, Drix has another problem to worry about: finding who framed him. To the governor’s dismay, Elle decides to help him. Elle was sick about being treated like a toy: dying her hair, dressing fancy, getting colored contacts. She needed an escape. They found shocking discoveries in Drix’s case files, and brought victory. However, Drix’s and Elle’s relationship was still not quite official. They had several roadbumps, but in the end, everything was worth it.

I absolutely loved this book, but hated it. I didn’t hate how it was written or the content inside, no, of course not, but I hated how many times it made me squeal in joy, burst out in laughter, and more specifically want to burst out in tears in the middle of class. This book was amazing, and it’s a truly special book. The romance in this book wasn’t heavy, and I’m extremely glad there was mystery. This book kept me on the edge of my seat and gnawing on my nails for the next discovery. I also liked its addition of a dual POV (point of view). It allowed me to see so much more than I would have from a secluded, single point of view. Additionally, it was beautifully written and described every emotion in so much detail.

I would completely purchase this book. Normally, I have an added section describing my complaints or what could’ve been done differently to make the book better. However, in this case, there’s no need. I wouldn’t say it’s absolutely perfect, but it’s pretty close. Every paragraph was equally amazing, and there were no times where I felt relieved to put the book down. I really think this is a needed book in every reader’s library.


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