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The Upside of Falling by Alex Light

Review by Abigail

Post Date:05/24/2023

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In the book, “The Upside of Falling” by Alex Light, it follows the love story of Becca Hart and Brett Wells. They’re highschool students, and when Becca gets herself in a situation with her ex-best friend proving that she does in fact have a boyfriend that doesn’t exist, Brett comes to the rescue – by kissing her. Brett Wells is the ideal football quarterback – popular and rich. However, what Becca never realized was his respectful personality. Becca Hart’s mother owns a bakery shop where Becca helps out regularly. Soon enough, their fake dating becomes successful – a little too much. It becomes tradition to bring cupcakes every morning to Brett, and every morning he would take her to school. Brett’s family was quite the opposite of Becca’s – or so it seems. While Becca does have a loving and supportive mother, her father was out of the picture with another wife. Brett uncovers dirty secrets and within a short period of time, his family is completely different. Out of fear of many different variables, the space between them becomes larger over time. They continue to live their lives in full avoidance of each other, however the large hole in each other’s hearts grows in a continuous rate. Having enough of it, they both find each other again, and this time nothing in their relationship is fake.

This book is another I keep close to me – both literally and figuratively. Finding a good book is very rare without diving into a deep search. Normally, I don’t really find myself searching for this exact trope, but wanting to do something new, I picked this book up: and I definitely wish I bought it sooner. This book has absolutely everything you're searching for in a book. I really enjoyed seeing each character’s development, and this book also provides dual perspectives. When books provide dual perspectives, it allows me to really understand the depth of each emotion. Another detail I found interesting was the decisions Brett’s family took into actions after finding out the secrets that were hidden from him. I was immediately stunned after seeing their reaction, and I knew this book had something special immediately.

As you can probably tell from my previous paragraph, I have absolutely nothing to complain about this book. However, I will say, this book is pretty devoted to this trope, and I don’t mean it in a bad way. If you are not a fan of fake dating, this book might not be suitable for you. Nevertheless, I recommend it either way. This book really opened up a new love for fake dating, and I’m sure you will too.

All in all, I definitely recommend this book to you. It has every ingredient that’s needed to accomplish and surpass an amazing book. This book simply cannot be passed up, and is a book I think that should be out of stock daily. If my summary and notes have not fully convinced you to read this book, I suggest you buy it anyway. Although that sounds absolutely ridiculous, I promise you it will take you out of any reading slump you have, and I hold myself accountable to this promise.

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