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It Starts with Us by Colleen Hoover

Review by Abigail

Post Date:05/22/2023

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In this book, “It Starts With Us” by Colleen Hoover, it follows the love story of Lily and Atlas. This book is the second book in the series, “It Ends With Us”. It provides dual perspectives from Lily and Atlas, providing intricate details from both sides. Lily and Atlas have known each other since they were younger, and the story is better described in the first book. However, ever since Lily divorced Ryle, her abusive husband, and is forced to learn how to peacefully begin co-parenting with their daughter, Emerson, she is scared to begin dating other people. The sole reason Lily divorced Ryle was because he was manipulative and abusive, and was scared of his reaction at dating other people, more specifically Atlas. She’s a tired single mom, overworking herself to the brink of death, but Atlas is there for her. Similarly, Atlas’s story isn’t bland in any way. He finds out new secrets about his family and does his best to be the role model his parents never were. After finding out about Lily’s new dating life, Ryle begins to get frustrated, and what Lily fears becomes true. However despite Ryle’s rash decisions, Lily and Atlas have begun their journey together, and let nothing get in their way. 

My initial reaction to the announcement of the sequel was pure joy. Although “It Ends With Us” is pretty overrated, it was still a book I enjoyed. I really liked that I was able to see this new relationship between Lily and Atlas and discover their secrets together. Additionally, I liked all the content and new discoveries. 

Although previously said, I enjoyed the first book, this book was definitely not as enjoyable. It was pretty boring to say the least. Although there was one shocking discovery, it wasn’t a roadblock they had to conquer together. The sequel made it clear of the ending, and there was no thrill in the book. Every chapter, I found myself hoping that there would be exciting content, but was disappointed each time. Additionally, I didn’t really enjoy their story overall. Although it was pretty cute, there was nothing to really be swooning over or throwing the book across the room. As a reader, it’s pretty clear that this book didn’t meet my expectations, and it was pretty bland. Moreover, I felt as if they were too focused on repairing Ryle, and focusing on Ryle to help him. I never wanted Ryle to be an excluded character, but I really wanted more of Lily and Atlas and them together

It’s safe to say, I would not recommend this book. Although it was a pretty easy read, it was too easy. It went by too fast for the absolute wrong reasons. However, that doesn’t define the author’s work. Colleen Hoover is a famous author for many reasons, so I hope my opinions don’t stop others from defining their’s. This book was very bland in my eyes, and from start to finish there was no thrill. 

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