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The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Review by Xuechun

Post Date:05/10/2023

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The Great Gatsby is a novel written by Fitzgerald in 1925. The novel describes an
unrequited romantic love story against the backdrop of the extravagance of the Gilded Age.
The length of the novel is not much, but the author uses exquisite literary techniques to bring
readers back to old America and feel the cultural charm of that era. As one of the required
readings arranged by the school, the modern literary world does not need to elaborate on
the appreciation of this work. The author, Fitzgerald himself, is very good at and loves to
describe romantic love, and describes the emotions and ambivalence between characters in
a detailed and gorgeous manner, which once attracted many female readers to love his
works. In the book The Great Gatsby, he adopts a more difficult and unique narrative
method. He chose to describe and reveal the story step by step from the first-person
perspective of an onlooker. The overall narrative style seems to be the narrator, Nick
Carraway, recalling the stories of old friends in the diary. The narrator Nick Carraway is a
person with a peaceful personality who doesn’t easily judge others’ morals. At the same
time, he doesn’t have too many opinions. Through his perspective, we can see a more
undisguised and biased story developmentThe story occurred on Long Island next to New
York in the 1920s. In the beginning, it used the description of the gorgeous mansion of the
story character Thomas Buchanan to penetrate the high society life into the readers' hearts.
Immediately afterward, the "valley of ashes" between the cities as the dumping ground for
the upper class is described, in contrast in the second chapter, as the decline of luxury. The
detailed description of various scenes in the book can make readers feel the world in the
book as if they were there, and various prominent metaphors and meticulous application of
color vocabulary show the character's personality and the rich and poor in the background at
that time. stark contrast. The description of these colors also symbolizes the psychological
changes, personality traits, and background stories of the characters in the book. One of the
more representative ones is the symbolic color of yearning and hope in the character's heart,
green. Neither the reader nor the narrator can immediately notice these ingenious
arrangements before reading it again, but when the story gradually advances to the climax
and then looks back at the previous plot, the reader will be amazed at these early
arrangements The ingenious setting of the plot, and a deeper understanding of these plots.
The plot in the story is tinged with pathos, and the desires and thoughts of each character
make them vivid. Maybe many people don't like the ending in the book very much, but it is
also this regret that shows the characteristics of that era. I recommend this book to
everyone, personally, I really like the ups and downs in the story, but I also regret the ending
of that book. Fitzgerald's story and writing style is comfortable and natural. Even if you don't
think deeply about the plot and foreshadowing, the story itself is very interesting.


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