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Career Online High School

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Newport Beach Public Library's Career Online High School offers adult students in the community the opportunity to earn accredited high school diplomas and career certificates.  The program provides a limited number of scholarships to qualified adult learners looking to expand their career opportunities, prepare for workforce entry or continue their education.

To be considered for the program, applicants must successfully complete:

  • An online self-assessment
  • A prerequisite course
  • An in-person interview

Once enrolled in the program, COHS pairs each student with an online academic coach, who provides the student with an individual career path, offers ongoing guidance, evaluates performance and connects the student with the resources needed to master the courses. Students will be given up to 18 months to complete the program.

Take a look at the timeline for Career Online High School - Steps for Student Success.

Students selected for the program will have the opportunity to:

  • Take a two-week prerequisite course.
  • Enroll in the full program upon completion on the two-week course
  • Take classes online.
  • Have the flexibility to access classwork 24/7
  • Be supported by certified instructors and an academic coach.
  • Earn an accredited high school diploma while preparing for a career in one of 8 high-demand, high-growth fields.
  • Graduate with the tools to advance in your profession or take the next step in your education.

Ready to Get Started?

To apply for a scholarship for Career Online High School, you must:

  • Take the self-assessment
  • Be 19 years or older
  • Possess or register for a NBPL library card (in good standing)
  • Commit 10 hours per week to study and complete coursework

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Career Online High School?

  • Career Online High School (COHS) is an accredited online high school diploma and career certification program available through participating public libraries by the California State Library. Newport Beach Public Library offers free enrollment to a limited number of qualified adult students.

Who can apply to COHS?

  • Adults who are at least 19 years old and wish to earn their high school diplomas can apply to COHS.  Minors should pursue their high school education through existing high school programs. Program applicants must have a Newport Beach Public Library card. NBPL library cards are available free to residents of California.

How will people be selected for the program?

  • Enrollment is limited. Prospective students must successfully complete an online self-assessment. Once the self-assessment is completed, prospective students will be contacted and if they are eligible will be given a link to a two-week prerequisite course. Those who pass the prerequisite course with a score of 70% or above within a two-week period will then be interviewed in person to determine if they will receive a scholarship. Successful completion of the prerequisite course does not guarantee a scholarship will be awarded.

Will COHS students receive their GED?

  • No.  This is not a GED (General Educational Development) program. Successful graduates will earn a high school diploma and an entry-level career certification through an accredited high school.

What is the difference between a GED and high school diploma?

  • While both the GED and the high school diploma are important, there are several differences between them. Among the most significant is the fact that some colleges, institutions, and organizations require a high school diploma and may not accept the GED.  In addition to providing a high school diploma, COHS gives students the benefit of earning a career certificate and completing additional job preparation documents and training.

What type of career certification will be offered?

  • Through COHS, students may earn a certificate in the following areas: Childcare and Education; Certified Protection Officer (Security Officer); Office Management; Certified Transportation Services (Trucker/Commercial Driver); Homeland Security; General Career Preparation; Retail Customer Service Skills; Food Service and Customer Service Skills.

How long will it take for students to complete the program?

  • Students will be given up to 18 months to complete the program, which will consist of 18 credits. Students accepted into the program may transfer up to 14 credits from their former accredited high school. Depending on how many credits the student is able to transfer, the program can be completed in as few as five months. The average time to complete is 12 months.

Does the Library offer other resources for education and job preparation?

  • Newport Beach Public Library offers a wealth of learning resources, including databases for college and career test preparation, online classes and tutorials, small group training in the Media Lab and other programs.  Ask library staff for more information on specific educational or career goals.


For more information:

Email hsdiploma@newportbeachca.gov

Career Online High School at Newport Beach Public Library is supported in part by the California State Library.


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