Collection Development Policy

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It is the intent of the Board of Library Trustees that the Newport Beach Public Library
provide a variety of print and nonprint materials to meet the informational, educational
and recreational needs of the entire community.

The Library seeks to provide breadth and depth within the collection, various points of
view, and differing formats. The Library endeavors to balance materials of permanent
value with those of current interest. Materials are selected based on their content as a
whole, not on selected excerpts. Race, nationality, or political, social, moral, or religious
views of an author will not affect the selection of materials.

Selection is based on merit of the work; value of the work within the collection; and the
needs and interests of the community. Consideration is given to specific types of
material; to materials for specific age groups; to materials for special interests of
clientele; and to differing formats of materials. These selection criteria will apply
equally to materials purchased and to those accepted as gifts.

The selection of materials is made by Library staff. Customers making requests that
items be added to the permanent collection will be referred to the "Request for Book
Purchase Form." Suggestions from Library customers are encouraged and receive
serious consideration.

Many items which are not in the collection are available to library Customers, through
established interlibrary loan practices. Concurrently, the Library's participation in
universal borrowing, established by the California Library Services Act, Article 4,
Section 18731, provides Newport Beach Public Library Customers direct access to
materials housed in other participating public libraries in Orange County and
throughout the State of California.

The Library believes that the use of Library materials is an individual and private
matter. All customers are free to select or reject materials for themselves; they may not
restrict the freedom of others to read or inquire. Parents have the primary responsibility
to guide and direct the use of Library materials by their own minor children.

In support of the above principles, the Library incorporates the Library Bill of Rights
as adopted by the American Library Association Council on January 23, 1980, as
Attachment I to the Collection Development Policy.

Library customers with concerns about a specific title in the collection shall be
provided with a copy of the Library's "Collection Development Policy" and asked to
complete the "Customer’s Request for Evaluation" form.

Library staff shall evaluate the material, based on the "Collection Development Policy"
established by the Board of Library Trustees. A recommendation shall be forwarded to
the Library Services Director who shall respond in writing to the customer. Any
unresolved concerns shall be referred to the Board of Library Trustees for final decision.

Library customers requesting specific titles be added to the collection will be provided
with a "Request for Book Purchase" form. Library staff shall evaluate the request based
on the "Collection Development Policy" established by the Board of Library Trustees.
Customer’s "Request for Evaluation of Library Resources" form is attached as Attachment II.


[Attachment I – Library Bill of Rights]
[Attachment II – Customer's Request for Evaluation of Library Resources]
Adopted - October 22, 1990
Amended - October 28, 1991
Amended - January 24, 1994
Reassigned - April 8, 2003
Corrected (Att. II) – October 10, 2006
Amended – September 27, 2011
Formerly I-16