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Creative Writing Prompts

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Halloween Story and Art Prompts

Suffering from writer’s block or don’t know where to start? Have no fear, we’ve compiled a list of spooky themes to inspire you!


- An aspiring witch casts a summoning spell that brings an unexpected visitor to her door
- A group of friends at a Halloween party realize they’re not in the same house they’d originally entered
- A new social media app has gained a lot of popularity at your school. But when students start disappearing, things take a dangerous turn.
- A thief enters a crypt and is surprised to find he’s not alone
- Three ghosts haunting an abandoned house decide to give their new neighbors a fright
- A lost doll makes a reappearance ten years after her owner went missing
- There’s something quite sinister about the new girl in school
- Welcome to the Devil’s Escape Room. Can you make it out alive?
- When a teen visits her old hometown, she finds the townspeople have been replaced by something inhuman
- Scary stories around a campfire seem to come to life once the adults go to sleep
- I’m afraid to turn around. I can feel her breathing down my neck
- When their car breaks down on a road trip, five friends wander into an empty cabin and piece together what happened to the original owners
- A dinner invitation to the manor of a mysterious billionaire brings six very different people together for a night they won’t forget
- It’s the night of the full moon and my brother is nowhere to be found…!
- Zombies, a terrible DJ, and a missing prom queen. What could possibly go wrong?
- A slumber party for monsters, ghouls, and ghosts. And you’re the only human invited…!
- I thought this was just a nightmare. So why can’t I wake up?
- A vampire can’t enter a house without an invitation. Or so we thought.
- A brother and sister discover a secret room hidden behind a bookcase that wasn’t there before
- Finding a lost cat wandering around the neighborhood, a teen brings the creature inside to try and help find its owner. But when the Devil shows up at their door, all “hell” breaks loose.
- Maybe prank calling the Boogeyman wasn’t such a good idea…
- A mummy wanders into a Halloween party and wins the award for best costume
- Four friends sneak out at night to teepee their principal’s house. Peeking through the window, one teen is surprised to see a dead body that is dressed exactly like him
- You hear a creaking sound from your attic. But your parents are out for the night and you’re home alone….! Do you dare to open the attic door and see what’s inside?
- When she turned around, she swore she saw something move out of the corner of her eye. In a dark room, he heard creaking floor boards and the scrape of nails upon wood. A tale of two horrors.
- Stuck alone in the woods, you don’t remember how or why you got there.