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Resources & Examples

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Resources for Young Poets

Poetry Foundation: Videos, readings and poems by professional children's poets

Children's Poetry Archive: Wonderful collection of children's poems with audio readings

Poems for Kids: Excellent variety of  children's poems

Young Poets: Collected works from young poets

Poetry Writing Lessons for Kids: Learn how to write all types of poetry 


Resources for Teaching Poetry

Materials for Teachers: Find poems for kids and teens, lesson plans, essays, and more.

How to Teach Poetry: Teaching resources from The Children's Poetry Archive



Tips and templates to get you started!

 Visual Madlib Poems for Aspiring Readers

Visual Madlib Example

Print and cut the images at the end of this template and use them to fill in the blank spaces in the poems. 

There may seem to be right answers, but there aren’t; the sillier and more fun the poems are, the better!

Erasure Poems


Erasure Poem Example

Pick a page from an old magazine or newspaper. Circle the words you want to keep, and cross out or color in the ones you don’t need. When only your words are left, you’ve see that you’ve made your own poem!  Your poem can be a few words long or go on for pages and pages. It’s ok if these poems don’t quite make sense, the point of an erasure poem is to find new and unusual combinations of words. You can also take a screenshot and use the paintbrush or markup tool on your phone for a digital erasure poem!

Collage Poems


Collage Poem Example

Cut out words or phrases from a magazine or newspaper and rearrange them into original poems!

Free Verse Poems

Free Verse Poem Example


Free verse poems don't have any rules other than the fact that they should be made of the most special words you can think of. They can be about how you feel, or about things you see, or hear. They can be about anything you can imagine. Free poems are all about finding the little pieces of magic you see around you and catching them inside your poems.

Rhyming Poems


 Rhyming Poem Example

Poems can rhyme in all kinds of ways. The last word of each line can rhyme, the last word of every other line can rhyme or the words can rhyme anyway which way you want! 

Try this preschool rhyming game!

Metered Poems

Metered Poem Example


Metered poems, like the haiku above, can have a set number of syllables in each line. The way the words work together in metered poems is like a heartbeat, it's called their rhythm. Put your hand over your heart, do you hear your rhythm? Do you hear your poem?