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Poetry Submissions

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Sisters Love Each Other by Sarinah R., age 5 Sisters Love Each Other oh, How Happy I am. I am Happy with you at my side. Without you I would have a sad life. We are together and happy everywhere. We Sometimes disagree but it stops. You are my heart and I love you. We are sisters!

A Number Poem by Ronen G., age 4



"The World" (collage poem), Orryn, age 8

"The World" (collage poem) by Orryn, age 8 Welcome Green World Chasing Daylight 

 What All Living Things Need by Sarina M., 12 years old


A delicate plant

is like a human

who grows over time,

watered by help and support,

but needs to be warmed with love the most.



 Greetings by Kyler J., age 5

Greetings by Kyler J., age 5  How are You doing? Doing well. How are You doing? Doing well too. Up in town and down in the Ground, a boy was wearing a birthday crown. Shnshine Spreads evrywhere. a bear was giving a hello stare.

Peeka by Oona, age 5 

Peeka by Oona, age 5 She is gray like daddy’s shirt she doesn’t scratch the couch She is happy, I am happy Her tail looks like a snake She is as fluffy as my blanket