Central Library front


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I remember the first time I came into the library, I was very impressed by the video section. There were new releases and so many to chose from. Art on the wall, a variety of magazine choices and a large selection of books. Sunday concerts offered, a cafe upstairs and I knew this was my library. I love a library with variety, a bookstore and many choices. -- Mona Ghodsi

The Central Library has been our second home since we first moved to Newport Beach in 2003. My son grew up with all of the storytimes and SRP programs, and many, many books. Now, as a teenager, he is a member with Y.A.A.C. (Young Adult Advisory Council) and loves volunteering with the kids during the new Lego Saturdays. I don't know what we would do without this place!  -- Francine

 I learned about Dan Gutman for the first time at the Library and now I love his books. -- Scott Schmitt