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Tunnel Vision by Susan Adrian

Review by Samar

Post Date:03/02/2022 9:00 am

tunnel vision book cover

What would you do if you were given the power to teleport into the mind of any person

around the world, simply by touching an object that belongs to them. By doing so, you

can find their exact location, what they are saying, and how they look at that exact

moment. For the protagonist Jake Lukin in the novel Tunnel Vision, by Susan Adrian, he

has been gifted this ability but has had to hide it from everyone his entire life. However,

Jake reveals his power at a party one day and now a government agency by the name

of DARPA is trying to get him to use that ability for the nation’s military.

I chose to read this book because I wanted to change it up a little bit from what I have

been reading in the past, and I have also had an interest in sci-fi type of novels. Books

that involve a protagonist having a secret power and having to hide it from the world

usually catch my attention quickly. I am honestly glad I chose to read this book. It is not

very long and stays interesting throughout. The characters are well developed and the

plot is very well written.

My favorite character in this book was obviously Jake. The reasons being are because

Jake is extremely humble, intelligent, and is also athletic. He has big ambitions and

knows he needs to work hard to reach his goals. He does not let his ability to tunnel

define him as a person and certainly doesn’t abuse the power just because he can.

Jake is also constantly looking out for his mother and little sister, Myka. He knows the

importance of keeping his family together after his dad’s death, so he also tries to stay

close to his grandfather who lives across the country.

My least favorite character in the book was probably Dr. Liesel Miller. She is my least

favorite character because he forced Jake into a position where he had to comply with

her orders for DARPA. She knew that Jake’s weakness was his family and that he

would do anything to protect them, especially when there is a random man that has

been following Jake around for a week. She also offers Jake a full ride into Stanford, his

dream school, and ensures him and his family 24 hour protection if he complies with her

orders. With all of these offers, Jake can not resist and has no choice but to follow

Miller’s orders. However, Miller and DARPA have no care for Jake as a person, just for

his power, so they can find a way to strengthen America’s military. For these reasons,

Miller classifies as an antagonist and my least favorite character.

In conclusion, Tunnel Vision is a great novel with interesting characters, multiple twists

and turns, and an extremely well written plot. It is a relatively short read for any teen

looking to get their hands on an unique sci-fi novel. For these reasons, I would rate this

book a 5/5 stars.


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