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Champion by Marie Lu

Review by Samar

Post Date:05/02/2021 8:00 am

champion book cover

Champion is the sequel to the novel to Prodigy, and is the 3rd book of the Legend trilogy. It 

details the events taken after the Republic and Colonies sign a peace treaty, stopping their 

on-going war. It also shows life from Day and June’s point of view after they separate. However, 

Day has a life-threatening tumor in his brain, constantly giving him uncontrollably painful 

headaches. June is given a lot of responsibility as the Princeps-Elect, the right hand woman of 

the Elector. However, both seem to reunite, as the Colonies and Republic are back to war. 

I chose to read this book because I was curious to see what would happen to the country, Day, 

and June after the end of Prodigy. I was very intrigued with the plot and storyline of this novel 

as well, just as I was with the previous books in the trilogy. I wanted to read about how the 

characters would further develop after all the hardships and challenges they had to overcome. 

As the nation continued to develop, so did the main characters, which to me was very 

interesting. WIth all the problems coming in one after another, it had to be interesting to see how 

these challenges would be dealt with. 

The character I most resonated with was Eden. Eden is the 11 year old brother of Day and is 

willing to go back to experimentation to help find a cure for the new disease in the Colonies. He 

is very kind, mature, and selfless. He always cares for Day and acts as if sometimes he is the 

older brother in the family. Eden is also extremely intelligent and uses his brain for the good of 

Day and gives his older brother the best advice he can give. For these reasons, Eden was my 

favorite character in this book. 

My least favorite character in this novel was the President of Antarctica. I did not enjoy this 

character because he turned down the Republic in it’s plea for help after the Colonies attacked 

the capital. The President was aware that Antarctica had resources to aid the Republic, yet held 

back until the Elector of the Republic granted the largest territory in the Republic to Antarctica. 

The selfishness and overall greed of the President caused him to become my least favorite 

character in the book. 

In conclusion, Champion was a great trilogy to Prodigy. The thrill and turns in the novel caused 

it to stay fresh the whole time. The novel is quite unique in its plot and character development. I 

would rate this book a 5/5 stars and highly recommend it to any teen who is looking for a trilogy 

to start reading. It is very similar to Hunger Games and Maze Runner, so if you are interested in 

those two, you will love this trilogy. It is not very lengthy and is very well written and worth your 

time. Marie Lu is also the author of this novel, and recommend any other book she has written to teens as well. 

 Checkout Champion from the Newport Beach Public Library.

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