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Fast Finds: Ancient Civilizations

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Reference Materials (Central Library)

Exploring Ancient Civilizations

Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt

Illustrated Encyclopedia of Ancient Greece

Materials you can check out:

J931 - Ancient China

J932 - Ancient Egypt

J299.31 - Egyptian Mythology

J938 - Ancient Greece

J292 - Greek Mythology

J934 - Ancient India

J937 - Ancient Rome

J292.12 - Roman Mythology



Ancient History and Culture

A balanced, global view of the ancient world

Ancient Civilizations:

The Ancient Greek World: University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

Details of the land and time, daily life, religion and death, economy and images of museum artifacts from the Etruscans, Greeks and Romans.

Ancient India: The British Museum

Through stories, maps and exploration activities, teaches about the geography, religion, time and cultural traditions, and writing systems of Ancient India. Staff Room features a guide for teachers.

Daily Life in Ancient Civilizations

Everything from grooming, to ceremonies, foods architecture and more in Ancient Greece, Rome, India, China and others, plus lesson plans and suggestions for teachers.

The Greeks

An introduction to Ancient Greek culture, politics, art and warfare from 1400BC to 337BC. Includes multi-displinary lesson plans for middle and high school level students based upon the PBS series The Greeks: Crucible of Civilization.

Ancient Egypt:

The Ancient Egypt Site

The history, language and monuments of Ancient Egypt with an A to Z index of places, people and important terms.

Ancient Egypt: The British Museum

Egyptian life, gods and goddesses, mummification, rulers, pyramids, temples, time, trade and writing plus games. Staff Room features a guide for teachers.

BBC – History – Egyptians

A virtual multimedia warehouse of displays and information from Ancient Egypt.

National Geographic: Secrets of Egypt

Interactive exploration of the Pyramids, and news and feature stories from the National Geographic Magazine and television channel.

NOVA Online/Pyramids -- The Inside Story

Based on the PBS documentary, a visual exploration of the pyramids, chronicle of an excavation and many interesting facts about the pyramids.


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